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Education Outreach

Helping The Community understand cold blooded creatures

At The Island of misfit Morphs, we are dedicated to educating the public on how to respect the animals that get overlooked in society. Snakes , lizards, frogs, arachnids and even insects get a bad reputation through media, tall tales and word of mouth. These animals truly deserve our respect, they are a huge part of our eco-system and can actually be wonderful companions. Please give us a chance to show you how amazing these animals are.

Animal rescue

Dogs and cats aren't the only ones that need our help

The pet trade is a massive industry and dog and cats aren't the only victims of neglect and abuse. we take in animals that are unwanted, neglected, handicapped or otherwise considered "defective" in the pet trade. Each of our ambassadors have some kind of defect or handicap that make them undesirable in the industry. We love our misfits, they have character and also help us to teach children that just because you look different does not mean that you should be loved any less.

Wildlife Conservation

One animal at a Time

Snakes are a huge part of our ecosystem. Withough them we would be surrounded by rodents and the diseases they carry. All of our volunteers are dedicated to making sure that snakes or reptiles are not killed out of fear or ignorance. We will remove any reptiles or arachnids from your property or home and relocated them back to the desert where they can continue to contribute to the food chain. We love these animals, so please help us do our part to protect the natural order of things.


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